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Camilo Echeverri is an architect and artist born in Medellin, Colombia in 1977.

His practice is primarily situated in the study of image and its meaning, narratives based on image sequences, and the logics of representation. His early works have explored themes such as belonging, everyday spaces, family, and the political influences of everyday life.

His last project, ”El Mato" is a visual exploration of survival and conservation in the face of climate catastrophe, inspired by a visit to the Chiribiquete archaeological site in Colombia's Guaviare. This project combines two main interests: creating narrative images that transport viewers to almost imaginary worlds, and exploring themes of territory, displacement, and survival processes tied to jungle conservation, with a focus on the Amazon. By collaborating with AI and using photographs from the trip, He fostered a dialogue about "El Mato", its past and potential future inhabitants, and the need for its preservation. This journey through ancestral cultures and the political realms of nations influenced by the jungle aims to provide a holistic view of the communities and politicians striving to protect this sacred land and its traditions.

During the first semester of 2023, Camilo's exhibition delved deep into his architectural roots, showcasing a comprehensive exploration of migration processes, housing construction, new settlements, and reconstruction. A prominent focus was placed on observing how displaced communities actively contribute to the building and transformation of cities, highlighting the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of urban landscapes in Latin America.

His practice began through photography, slowly progressing towards painting, drawing, and installation. His exhibitions are characterized by the appropriation of small spaces, inviting to “experience” the work.

He has shown interest in artistic publications, and in 2014/2015 he published the bi- annual magazine "Asunto" along with his wife Danija Anderson and his work partner James Evans. The publication is focused on Latin American art and culture.

For the last 10 years he has collaborated with the Colombian artist Clemencia Echeverri, in the direction of photography for all her video installations.


2023 10x20x40, Installation, Photography, Painting and Drawing, Taller La Bruja, Medellin Colombia.


2022 To Belong-ing, 2010-2022, Fotografia y pintura, Taller La Bruja, Medellin Colombia.

2021 Evidencia verdad y decepción, Pinturas, Taller La Bruja, Medellin Colombia.

2018-2019 Sabotajes, Galeria Lokkus.

2018-2019 Archipiélago, Sala de arte Suramericana.

2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial "make new history"

2017 El teatro de la realidad, Museo Maja Jericó Antioquia.

2015 Fotografia Colombianos HOY, Galeria El Museo, Bogota-Col


2011/2012 FutureMap 11, Zabludowicz Collection, London UK


2010 Final Show MAFashion Photography 2010, LCF, London UK 


2010 WhiteNight, Mammu Portraits, Riga Latvia  


2009 Mujeres Jóvenes Talento, Museum of modern art Medellin, Colombia 


2008 6th Bienal Colombiana de Fotografía, Sala de Arte Suramericana de  Seguros, Medellín Colombia  


2007 Chica Plástica, Museum of Modern Art Medellin Colombia


2006 5th Bienal Colombiana de Fotografía, Sala de Arte Suramericana de  Seguros, Medellín Colombia 

Photography Studio
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